Institutional Research and Decision Support

Enrollment Management

Title Year Category
2015 Passport Report May 27, 2016 Enrollment Management, FYE and Transitions Assessment
Summer Enrollment Report March 01, 2016 Enrollment Management, Student Profiles
Enrollment Management Key Performance Indicators February 28, 2016 Enrollment Management, Dashboards, Enrollment, Retention and Graduation Reports, Strategic Planning
New Beginners 2015 Cohort October 29, 2015 Enrollment Management, Student Profiles, Foundations of Excellence, Retention and Graduation Reports
Pre-College Dual and Test Credit: Fall 2014 First-Time, Full-Time Fall Beginners September 13, 2015 Enrollment Management, Student Profiles
UC Student Peer Mentoring Report October 22, 2013 Enrollment Management, Bepko Learning Center