Institutional Research and Decision Support


Title Year Category
Exploring On-Campus Student Employment and Student Success March 30, 2017 INAIR, Retention and Graduation, Student Success and Academic Performance
Defining Non-Traditional Students March 27, 2017 Presentations, INAIR
Using Surveys for Decision Making: the IUPUI Climate Survey December 06, 2016 Presentations, INAIR
Defining “Two or More Races”: A Turbulent Journey December 06, 2016 Presentations, INAIR
IR Leadership April 10, 2016 Presentations, INAIR
IUPUI High-Impact Practices and RISE Assessment April 10, 2016 INAIR, Student Satisfaction and Learning, Student Learning, Student Success and Academic Performance, First-Year Seminars, Learning Communities, Themed Learning Communities, RISE/High Impact Practices
Dispelling Transfer Myths - INAIR 2015 March 27, 2015 INAIR
Implementing a Business Intelligence (BI) Project for Strategic Planning and Decision Making Support March 08, 2015 INAIR, Evaluation Toolbox, Student Analytics Reports
Satisfaction and Self-Perceptions March 26, 2014 INAIR
INAIR Summer School and Time to Degree March 12, 2013 INAIR
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