Institutional Research and Decision Support

Point in Cycle (PiC)

Point-in-Cycle Management Reports

The point-in-cycle website is a web-based system for tracking the status of IUPUI admissions and enrollment for upcoming semesters. Reports are updated each week during active admissions and registration cycles to show how the campus and each school is progressing relative to prior years at the same point in time.

Changes to Parameters:

  • The parameter entry area is now hidden in drill-through reports accessed from within other reports.
  • To enter parameters on these reports, click the small rectangular button containing a triangle, which is located in the center at the very top of each report.

Connectivity and Access:

  • This is a new link. Please update or replace any existing bookmarks or links.
  • If you have previously been able to connect to PiC and find you now are receiving an error that access is denied, it may be a browser issue. Try using Internet Explorer to log in.
  • If you have trouble connecting from off campus, try connecting using VPN.
  • If you are unable to access the reports using the above link, log in through the IU CBI portal, and then return to the point-in-cycle website. For further assistance, send email to

Browser Support:

  • Internet Explorer is supported on Windows machines.
  • Firefox is the only supported browser for Apple computers.

If you have any questions, problems, suggested improvements, or feedback, please contact Norma Fewell at or (317) 274-5008.