Institutional Research and Decision Support

Bepko Learning Center

The programs offered by the Bepko Learning Center are built on the philosophy of assisting students in achieving academic success. The center consistently validates its services through measures of the academic support programs performance levels in Supplemental Instruction (SI), Structured Learning Assistance (SLA), and the Resource Desk. This achievement would not be possible without the effort of mentors, who are a key component in helping their peers succeed. Student mentors are the cornerstone to the Bepko Learning Center’s success. For this reason, much care is given to training mentors and for continuous mentor support.

As demonstrated in the end of semester grade reports, participants in the programs of Supplemental Instruction and Structured Learning Assistance continue to outperform nonparticipants in the programs. In addition, the programs have been highly successful in improving the course DFW rate for participants to 22% as opposed to the 42% for nonparticipants. From this success, many instructors have contacted the Bepko Learning Center to inquire about linking an SI or SLA component to their course.