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Principles of Undergraduate Learning (PULs)

Multiple sources of evidence are used to assess undergraduate student learning directly (through embedded course assessments and PUL evaluation, discipline-based standardized tests, and licensure exams) and indirectly. Indirect sources of evidence related to student learning emerge from campus participation in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and in our own Continuing Student Survey (CSS). In addition, courses and faculty are evaluated by students at the end of each semester. Graduates of our programs are surveyed with post-program questionnaires. The Office of Student Data, Analysis, and Evaluation (OSDAE) assesses grade performance data, DFW rates for gateway courses, and overall retention and graduation rates by program across populations of interest. 

IUPUI Principles of Undergraduate Learning:

  • Core Communication and Quantitative Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Integration and Application of Knowledge
  • Intellectual Depth, Breadth, and Adaptiveness
  • Understanding Society and Culture
  • Values and Ethics