Institutional Research and Decision Support

  • Any survey that meets one of the following conditions should undergo the IUPUI Survey Committee review process:

    • Surveys that request a random sample of IUPUI students, faculty, or staff.
    • Surveys that will generalize to the broader IUPUI population of students, faculty, or staff.
    • Surveys that target specific subpopulations such as enrollment status, gender, or ethnicity.
    • Surveys used for institutional measures and improvement.

    Small scale or focused intent surveys, such as academic faculty research surveys, assigned coursework, focus groups, participants' event evaluations, or point-of-service surveys targeting specific users that do not meet one of the above conditions are not subject to this process or the survey approval form.

    If you have questions about whether your survey needs IUPUI Survey Committee approval, please contact Anne Mitchell.

  • The IUPUI Survey Committee review process is for surveys that target current IUPUI students, faculty, and staff. If you are interested in surveying populations from other IU campuses, we suggest that you contact the appropriate person(s) below.

    • IU Bloomington: Linda Shepard or Judith Ouimet
    • IU Southeast: Ron Severtis, Jr.
    • IU Northwest: John Novak
    • IU East: Oniffe Grizzle
    • IU Kokomo: Angela Smith
    • IU South Bend: Biniam Tesfamarian
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  • To help us accommodate your request dates and sample needs, the following submission deadlines should be observed:

    • Fall semester surveys: July 1
    • Spring semester surveys: November 1
    • Summer surveys: March 1

    Please note that your requested start date may not fall into the expected semester. Please see the question “How do I determine which submission deadline is appropriate for my survey?” for more information.

  • Student names needed to administer a survey will not be made available until after classes have started. For the purposes of the IUPUI Survey Committee, surveys that begin administration within the dates below will be considered part of the corresponding semester.

    • September 1–December 31: Fall semester
    • January 1–April 30: Spring semester
    • May 1–August 31: Summer semester

    Please note that your requested survey start date may affect submission deadlines.

  • If you have missed the submission deadline and still want to submit a survey for review, please submit the survey approval form. There is no guarantee that the IUPUI Survey Committee will be able to accommodate your requested dates; however, it may be possible to administer your survey the following semester. You will be contacted after the committee has reviewed your survey.

    Please contact Anne Mitchell if you have any questions.

  • The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. It is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure FERPA compliance. For more information about FERPA, visit the Office of Research and Compliance page on FERPA Policies & Guidance or visit IU’s FERPA website.

  • There are four classification levels of institutional data at Indiana University. For examples and descriptions, visit Data Management at IU.

  • IRB approval is not required; however, ensure that you are aware of the IRB requirements for studies involving human subjects. For more information about IRB approval at IU, visit the Research Related Policies website from the Office of Research Administration.

  • Please contact Anne Mitchell.

  • Surveys that have been previously approved by the IUPUI Survey Committee and previously administered are required to submit for approval to re-administer the survey.

  • Double check to make sure you have completed all required fields. If you are still having trouble, contact Anne Mitchell.

  • The IUPUI Survey Committee meets once each semester to assess approval requests. You will be notified of a decision within a month of the submission deadline. To help us accommodate your request dates and sample needs, please observe the submission deadlines.

  • The IUPUI Survey Committee seeks to ensure that reviewed surveys demonstrate:

    • Sponsorship by a unit on campus
    • Adherence to campus requirements (including IRB and Purchasing)
    • Relevance to campus mission
    • Collection of actionable data
    • Mindfulness of respondent burden
    • Responsible use of university resources

  • The IUPUI Survey Committee oversees the administration of surveys that are relevant to the campus mission or the broader academic community. To ensure that your survey meets these requirements, an appropriate campus sponsor may be required. This usually is a vice provost or dean. Keep in mind that this is not the same as the faculty sponsor included in the IRB process.

  • Part of the mission of the IUPUI Survey Committee is to be mindful of respondent burden as well as the responsible use of university resources. When we observe response rates, we can identify benchmarks for other surveys, and possibly model future surveys after ones that are measurably successful.