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For full consideration, please review the Survey Approval Process and observe the following approval request form submission deadlines: July 1 for Fall semester surveys, November 1 for Spring semester surveys, and March 1 for Summer surveys.

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Survey Details

Survey Population Information

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Data Use and Stewardship

Data Stewardship

You assume all responsibility for ensuring that student, faculty and staff record data is never shared inappropriately. If you anticipate that record data or personal information about students, faculty or staff will be shared with any organization or individual not affiliated with Indiana University, Bloomington at any point as a result of this survey, indicate below.

FERPA Compliance

You assume all responsibility for ensuring FERPA compliance. Please indicate your acknowledgement of this responsibility below.

Sample Design

Samples for campus-wide surveys are compiled based on your population criteria and the recommendation of the Indiana University Bloomington Survey Committee. Individuals will only be included in the sample if, at the time of sample creation, they meet the agreed upon criteria for inclusion in the sample population, are at least 18 years old, and have not filed a formal FERPA restriction to prevent sharing of their directory information. It is not possible to update the sample to reflect changes to eligibility after the sample is created (e.g., students who turn 18 after the sample is compiled will not be added to the sample).

Administration Cycle and History

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