Institutional Research and Decision Support


The office will provide accurate, timely, and actionable information to support decision making at IUPUI. Using information from this office will allow greater coordination and alignment of activities to achieve maximum effectiveness in regard to IUPUI’s strategic vision, mission, values, and goals related to the success and learning of our students as well as overall institutional effectiveness. Our vision is to be a national leader in institutional research and decision support in higher education. 

Specific Areas of Responsibilities to Support Vision and Mission

Institutional Research and Assessment

  • Strategic Enrollment Management (data, information, analysis, and projections)
  • University College and Division of Undergraduate Education Assessment
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Student Learning and Success (assessment of graduate and undergraduate student performance, and pedagogical, curricular, and programmatic initiatives)
  • Transfer Students (assessment of student success)
  • Entering Student Survey and National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
  • Graduation and Retention Reporting
  • Academic Performance and Outcomes Reporting (DFWI rates, course completion rates, progress on degree maps) 
  • Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes
  • Assessment of RISE and Other High Impact Practices
  • Academic Affairs Data and Information Support
  • Integration of Student, Staff, Faculty, Fiscal, and Facilities Information
  • Grants (assessment, program evaluation, and data support for grants related to student success, learning, DUE/UC, and strategic enrollment management)
  • Consultation on Decision Support Services, Assessment, Survey Research, and Program Evaluation

Institutional and Strategic Planning Decision Support

  • Strategic Planning (data support, key performance indicators, dashboard creation)
  • Annual Reporting and Planning Decision Support
  • Institutional Financial, Facilities, and Budgeting Reporting (dashboard data for faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as research, financial, and facilities indicators)
  • Data Support for Annual Reports, Compliance Reporting, Higher Learning Commission, External Ranking Requests, Publications, and Requests from External Agencies
  • Institutional Rankings Updated Annually and Peer Comparisons (This will be a coordinated office responsibility.)
  • Data to Support Program Reviews, Campus Accreditation, School and Department Accreditation (e.g., ABET, ASEE, ABA) (This will be a coordinated office function and much of the data for their accrediting bodies are housed within departments.)
  • Grants (institutional data and applications information support)

Survey Research and Evaluation

  • Student, Alumni, Faculty, and Staff Surveys (questionnaires, focus groups, interviews)
  • Campus Climate for Diversity and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Reporting and Program Evaluation Support
  • Program Evaluation 
  • Program Reviews (This will require a coordinated effort across all offices.)
  • Administrative Reviews
  • Salary Equity Studies
  • Faculty Affairs Data and Information Support
  • Teaching Activity Reporting
  • Human Resources and Staff Data Support
  • Office of Equal Opportunity Reporting
  • Grants (program evaluation and methodology consultations) 
  • Consultation on Survey Research Methodology and Program Evaluation