Themed Learning Communities

A themed learning community (TLC) is a cluster of courses linked together by a theme attended by the same group of 25 students. This allows students to build close friendships with peers, and connections with faculty. In the TLC, students explore a central theme with experiences in and out of the classroom, forming connections between classwork and their life experiences.

2014 TLC Assessment Update Spring 2014.pdf
2014 TLC Focus Groups NLCC.pdf
2014 TLC Qualitative Study Fall 2013.pdf
2016 Themed Learning Communities Research Brief Spring 2016.pdf
2016 Themed Learning Communities and Service Learning Leveraged for Student Success.pdf
2018 Themed Learning Communities Leverage Eportfolios for Integrative Learning.pdf
SSS Focus Group Report.pdf
Themed Learning Community Questionnaire Report 2017.pdf