First-Year Seminars

All first-year seminars share a common set of learning objectives that address issues of transition to the university environment. This first-year seminar is offered in a variety of formats, including a freestanding 1 credit course, a similar course linked to a general education requirement with the transition learning objectives embedded in a departmental introductory course, a hybrid online course, and an integrative course linked to two or more discipline-based courses to form a themed learning community. First-year seminars are designed to assist entering students as they form connections with the IUPUI community, including other students, faculty, and advisors in a prospective major. Different first-year seminars are sponsored by the various academic units.

2014 First-Year Programs Program Review.pdf
2017 Analysis of IUPUI-Indianapolis Beginner Success by Intervention.pdf
2017 First-Year Seminar Questionnaire Report.pdf
GPA and Retention by School and Intervention.pdf