JagsSPEAK Surveys are designed to inform decision makers of timely, actionable information related to the strategic plan or key campus initiatives. Previous topics have included housing, campus safety, the Welcoming Campus Initiative, and library usage. The JagsSPEAK Surveys are conducted in conjunction with the Division of Student Affairs and various units across campus with a particular focus on specific actionable decisions. Sometimes, we coordinate JagsSPEAK town halls where students can hear how the information is being used. For further information, please contact Robbie Janik at rjanikii@iupui.edu or Anne Mitchell at amitch29@iupui.edu.

2010 PULSE - Common Theme Project.pdf
2010 PULSE - Student Health Services.pdf
2011 PULSE-Campus Housing and Recreation.pdf
2014 Civic Literacy.pdf
2016 Welcoming Campus Initiative.pdf
2017 Community Engagement.pdf
2017 University Library.pdf